Demonstrating VR at HxR 2017

At Mad*Pow's HxR 2017 conference, I was demonstrating VR to attendees. I spoke about the 10 rules for VR (best practices for design, to reduce disorientation and motion sickness).

It's always fun to see people's first experience with VR. I make a point to not put them into anything jarring.

Static spaces are best, to wow them, like using Tilt Brush. After that, I load up Google Earth, to show them how scale really plays a big part in the virtual experience (floating in space with a gigantic Earth next to you is humbling).

I then let them fly around (with tunneling turned on), and explain how tunneling helps mitigate VR sickness. Then I turn it off and instantly the headset wearers can "feel" the difference. This really validates the topics of good experience design practices in VR to the viewers.