CaptureGRID 4 vs Smart Shooter 4

I was trying out 2 pieces of camera control software, that are actually the same, but vastly difference in price.

KuvaCode's CaptureGRID 4 is expensive but works with OS X, Windows, and Linux. Here's a screenshot of it running on Linux on my Raspberry Pi. I thought this would be a great way to use it but at around $2000, no thank you. It's amazing software and is designed for bullet time rigs, but that's not me, I'm a one man shop trying to control 5 cameras on a pole.

My other option is a rebranded version of CaptureGRID, called Smart Shooter 4. It's the same software, but they don't support Linux, only OS X and Windows, and is only $200. I bet you can guess which one I'll be using.