Battle of the Triggers

The size difference between these two multi-cam triggers is huge, but which one is the best?

Well, that depends on what your need is.

The Esper TriggerBox has some insanely fast timing to trigger hundreds of cameras simultaneously. At $275, it comes with a large price tag, especially if you want to chain multiple units together. Luckily I managed to find one on eBay for fairly cheap.

The Fanotec Multi-cam Trigger is an inexpensive ($30), tiny 4 camera trigger that also can be chained to additional triggers. I ended up picking up two of these for my 5 camera rig.

They both work fine for what I need, but the Esperbox will sit in my studio, whereas the Fanotec triggers will be mounted to my photogrammetry rigs.

Speaking of eBay, sometimes you end up with more than you want because the price is cheap. I only need 5 or so adapters, but the smallest was a bundle of 25 or 50 (I'm not counting them). I guess I'm set if I constantly lose connectors.