AR Image Markers & Raycasting

I recently got raycasting with reflections working in my project.

This is my AR project for XR Terra's XR Industry Bootcamp: Designer program. We're working with Vuforia to handle all of the AR stuff inside Unity.

Earlier prototypes used colored cubes, but last night I switched out my models for some cool Synty Studios low poly characters. I added idle animations, and the death animation to Medusa, along with some sound effects.

The first test was in Unity's editor, to position and rotate objects and see if the raycasts would hit Medusa. I forgot to take into account that the idle animations have the characters moving slightly so the raycasts shift around. Also, the shield warrior stance has his shield below the raycast horizontal plane, so I had to scale the shield and shift it's position slightly.

After dialing in the settings a bit, it was time to take it into AR.

I'm still struggling with the image markers identifying and holding position.

Issues to resolve:

  • increase thickness, change pattern for AR image markers (for better targeting/tracking)
  • only start Medusa hiss audio once her card is placed and the 3D object is spawned
  • disable hiss once Medusa is dead (I have a bool set, but need to debug since it's not working)